Mill Partnerships


$100 Billion Market Opportunity

  • The global sugar market is approximately 170 million tons/year or around $100 billion in commodity sales.
  • Nearly 90% is white refined sugar which Nutrition Innovation can replace by implementing our patented low GI technology at existing food grade sugar mills.
  • Conversion of food grade sugar mills is achieved quickly.
  • The low capital expenditure gives the sugar mill or refinery the flexibility to produce Nutrition Innovation low GI sugar, Nucane, or their normal commercial product.
  • Nutrition Innovation's Nucane can be used in all forms of food & beverages including retail, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods & quick service restaurants.
Nutrition Innovation technology effectively eliminates the need for costly sugar refining, typically the largest single cost in the sugar supply chain.
— Dr. David Kannar - Founder and Chairman

With the effective elimination of costly sugar refining, Nutrition Innovation's low GI sugar, Nucane, will allow sugar milling businesses to generate increased margins. 

Nucane will also change the dynamics of the sugar industry. For instance, mills will be able to deal directly with major customers, domestically and internationally, without needing to go through brokers. Moreover, as they are selling a value-added product rather than a mere commodity they are no longer subject to the world sugar price. Finally, public perception of sugar producers and their products will change, as we replace highly refined white sugar with a less processed, more natural low GI sugar. 

In light of the above, the opportunity now exists for EVERYONE in the value chain to work together over the next several years to migrate the world’s white refined sugar industry to Nucane.