Brand Partnerships


$100 Billion Market Opportunity

  • The global sugar market is approximately 170 million tons/year or around $100 billion in commodity sales.

  • Nearly 90% is white refined sugar which Nutrition Innovation can replace by implementing our low GI technology at existing food grade sugar mills.

  • Conversion of food grade sugar mills is achieved quickly.

  • The low capital expenditure gives the sugar mill or refinery the flexibility to produce Nutrition Innovation low GI sugar, Nucane, or their normal commercial product.

  • Nutrition Innovation's Nucane can be used in all forms of food & beverages including retail, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods & quick service restaurants.


Market Influence & Trends

  • The change of consumer preferences to low GI and lower carbohydrates continues to influence food manufactures.

  • Sustainable sourcing, nutritional standards and less processed foods are key drivers.

  • The emergence of food innovation and better for you options growth.


Marketing Strategy

  • To partner in the ecosystem of major global sugar producers and brand manufacturers to unite supply & demand.

  • To collaborate with industry bodies, government authorities & key influencers to help educate the benefits of Nutrition Innovation's low GI sugar, Nucane.

  • To build a consistent consumer facing global message on the benefits of Nucane that can be leveraged by brand manufacturers & sugar producers.

  • To create a globally recognizable icon for Nucane to allow consumers to identify and request products manufactured with Nucane, the good sugar.