Agriculture Minister Impressed by Local Sugar Industry
Photo L to R: Chris Connors, CEO of Sunshine Sugar; Kevin Hogan, Member for Page, holding a bowl of locally produced Low GI sugar; David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture.

Photo L to R: Chris Connors, CEO of Sunshine Sugar; Kevin Hogan, Member for Page, holding a bowl of locally produced Low GI sugar; David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture.

Sunshine Sugar welcomed the Federal Agriculture Minister, Mr David Littleproud along with local member for Page, Kevin Hogan, to its Harwood Mill and Refinery this week.

Sunshine Sugar CEO, Mr Chris Connors, hosted the delegation and said; “Mr Littleproud clearly has a good understanding of the Australian agricultural sector. This visit was a great opportunity for us to share our specific industry concerns and plans directly with him; with particular focus on our diversification projects such as Low GI sugar.”

This Low GI sugar is made using the nucane process.  An Australian technology, it applies an algorithm throughout the sugar milling stage to retain naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants. Low GI sugar is a wholesome sugar that is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – allowing for a lower and slower rise in blood glucose. It is a 100% natural cane sugar that can be used in any food or beverage recipe.

The Agriculture Minister welcomed this innovation and shared his opposition to the introduction of a sugar tax, saying that he supported people’s right to make their own decisions around personal matters such as food and beverage consumption. With a background in agribusiness and politics, Mr Littleproud certainly has the credentials to serve rural and regional Australia. He is passionate in his belief that farmers are too often overlooked as custodians of the land and that more needs to be done to educate the nation about where and how our foods and fibres are made. As a supporter of the decentralisation of some government agencies, he also believes that moving jobs into regional centres is important and that every additional job in a regional area has a noticeable, positive impact on that local economy. 

Mr Littleproud congratulated the Sunshine Sugar team on the development of their new Low-GI sugar and commitment to sustainable practice, and stands ready to support the NSW sugar industry in his role as Minister for Agriculture.

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Sweet! Nucane Reduces Refinement to Try and Improve Sugar


Though it sounds like a hardcore street narcotic in some rain-soaked cyberpunk noir story (apologies, I’ve been binging Altered Carbon), Nucane, a new sugar product, is actually quite sweet. And if it works as promised, the sweetest part could be a new industrial approach to making sugar… I don’t want to say “healthier,” but at least less bad for you.

Nucane is a product of Nutrition Innovation, a startup that works with sugar mills to change the way they refine sugar. The big problem with sugar, Nutrition Innovation CEO, Matthew Godfrey told me, is how it is processed and turned into the white sugar we are all familiar with.

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Nucane in Production at Sunshine Sugar

Founder David Kannar at the Condong Mill in Northern NSW talking about our less processed, less refined, low GI, more natural sugar brand Nucane designed to be a white refined sugar replacement. Originally aired on Feb 26th on the Today Show. Our thanks to Channel 9 Australia for the footage.

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Nutrition Innovation selected as one of the top 10 start-ups by FI Europe 2017

Frankfurt: Germany. FI Europe held "The Start-Up Innovation Challenge" to find the most exciting innovations in food & beverages. Vaucluse Provence Attractivité and UBM, joined forces to launch the Challenge aimed at the promotion of international innovative projects on ingredients, during Food Ingredients Europe 2017.

Nutrition Innovation was selected to participate at this world-class event and showcase our revolutionary product, Nucane. As part of this, Nutrition Innovation has been recognised as one of the most exciting start-ups in the food and beverage industry in 2017.

Watch below our presentation at the "Future of Nutrition" summit at FI Europe 2017.

For more information on the Start-Up Innovation Challenge:

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Condong Mill aerial.jpg

ABN 27 193 549 446
Corporate Office: Suite 1 Level 1
Cnr River & Martin Streets Ballina NSW 2478
T: +61 2 6681 2700   F: +61 2 6681 2799

25th September 2017

The NSW Sugar Industry is looking to become the leading Australian producer of nucane™, a Low-GI Sugar, with Sunshine Sugar having signed a license agreement with food technology innovator, Nutrition Innovation.

Nutrition Innovation has developed a patented technology and algorithm to retain naturally occurring minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium in the production of cane sugar which has been certified as Low-GI to World Health Organisation Standards.

Sunshine Sugar will be the first in the world to install the technology to produce nucane - a sugar that is rich in antioxidants with a low glycemic index. It is specifically designed for industrial customers who require a precise and consistent, but healthier specification for sugar to use in their existing brands and recipes.  

"The world is ready for nucane." Says CEO of Nutrition Innovation, Matthew Godfrey. "What the team here have invented is a potential game changer for world health. nucane is aimed at helping to combat the global obesity and diabetes epidemic via partnerships between sugar mills and brands to increase healthier options for consumers worldwide. It can be used in all forms of food and beverages.”

Sunshine Sugar is currently preparing its Condong mill which is a food grade sugar mill to manufacture nucane.

CEO, Chris Connors commented; “With a worldwide focus on health concerns such as obesity and diabetes, nucane offers an opportunity for sugar producers such as Sunshine Sugar to manufacture a healthier cane sugar on a scale that makes it widely available and affordable.

“Sunshine Sugar is in fact the only 100% Bonsucro certified and Australian owned sugar operations in the world and is proud to be an Australian company leading the way in this initiative.”


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More Information:          Vivien Miller   |   Communications Manager, Sunshine Sugar   |    +61 2 458 477 474

Media Comment:            Chris Connors   |   CEO, Sunshine Sugar  

Media Comment:            Matthew Godfrey   |   CEO, Nutrition Innovation  

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Nutrition Innovation, a Singapore based Global Food Science start-up, announces the appointment of Matthew Godfrey as Chief Executive Officer. Godfrey was previously the Asia President of Global communication company Y&R, part of the world's largest communication group, WPP.

Godfrey’s objective is to launch the company’s revolutionary product Nucane, a patent-pending, clinically proven low GI sugar derived from sugar cane with the potential to transform the food and beverage industry. Nucane is aimed at combatting the global obesity and diabetes epidemic via partnerships between sugar mills and brands to increase healthier options for consumers worldwide.

"Matthew has the leadership track record and skills that can help accelerate Nutrition Innovation's success and growth,” stated Founder & Chairman of Nutrition Innovation Dr. David Kannar.  “Our purpose is to make the world a healthier place and sugar is a major focus of the global health debate.”

"The world is ready for Nucane." said Godfrey. "What David has invented is a potential game changer for world health.”

Nucane can be used in all forms of food & beverages including retail, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, baked goods & quick service restaurants. Nucane is poised to be an incredibly important part of the global health solution and help revolutionize a US$100 Billion market.

For more information, visit www.nutritioninnovationgroup,com

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