6 Reasons to Bake Better & use Less with Nucane™ - Café Asia 2019

Andrew Higgs, ANZ Country Manager for Nutrition Innovation, presented 6 reasons to bake better and use less with ‘Nucane - the good sugar’® at Cafe Asia 2019.  Andrew presented how Nutrition Innovation’s technology empowers global mills and refineries to produce raw, low glycemic sugar (at industrial scale), as a healthier replacement for white refined sugar.  

This innovation unleashes the development of better, healthier food & beverage products. The 3 day Singapore Expo brought together entrepreneurs, chefs, restaurateurs and baristas, to showcase the latest ingredients and innovations in the baking, restaurant and café industries.   To watch the presentation, visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7jLhUAhSPA.

Darcy Fray